Dr. Emily’s Story

HeadshotIn 2012, I graduated with my PhD in Human Development and Family Studies, a field that fits my interests perfectly. From a very young age I was in love with children and the function of child development. For much of my teen years, I was babysitting kids or working in the church nursery in between sports and school activities. It was these experiences that eventually lead me to a Psychology degree in my undergraduate studies where I focused on child development, followed by time working in a child care center with toddlers, and then on to a graduate degree where I focused on child development, parenting, and families. In graduate school I gained invaluable experience conducting and interpreting research, working hands-on with children birth to 3 years, all while simultaneously learning the ins-and-outs of development and family theories and the theorists behind them.

Most importantly, in 2010 I had my first child (and have now had 2 more!). Despite being on the road to completing my doctoral degree, I felt more compelled to stay home with my children than I did to look for a job in my field. So, I finished my graduate course work and dissertation, all while caring for my first child. Then, in 2012 when I graduated, I stayed home full time with my daughter. I believe my passion for families and children, my education in this field, and my experience as a mom of 3 young children gives me a unique perspective that can bridge the gap between research and you, the parent. My hope as I embark on this blog is that I can somehow enrich your life and relationships!